As an active member of the community and our neighborhoods, I have the privilege of having the firsthand experience of understanding the needs in our wards & constituencies. Being involved as school volunteer at many different levels, gave me an extensive learning of how we as parents can advocate for a system level change for our child’s education. Serving the Peel community for over a decade as a passionate community activist, community developer and a consultant truly gave me an extensive understanding of the diverse needs of parental involvement. As a professional, I have served at non- profit and public sector in many different roles which truly gave me an in depth knowledge of educational reforms needed for our youth to successful and become successful professional for tomorrow. This extensive knowledge always comes in handy for me to explore synergies in different segments of our society for greater educational success.

My passion has always been and will always be to empower, inspire and motivate the members of the community for social and health prosperity and I believe parental involvement for achieving that empowerment level is absolutely essential. I have a diverse experience in Social and health field which provided me with an extended knowledge of social, mental and physical health and development needs of our children; as your trustee, my aim will be to empower students from immigrant and low income families to lead socially, mentally and physically healthy educational experience and lead more successful lives.

I truly appreciate all the acknowledgement, respect and support for my services. As an #unapologetically Muslim Canadian focused on mom’s empowerment, I take pride in being vocal, supportive and pushing the envelop for women I mentor. As a youth mentor, I believe in building the character, resilience and self pride among the girls I mentor. For over a decade, I work day in and day out to empower grassroots educated, talented yet sitting at home moms who have so much more to offer to the community than we can imagine. I am focused on unleashing the power of this important segment of our society by getting them involved as contributors for civic, political and social fabric of the society.

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