As a decade long Mississauga resident, I have been extremely involved as a nonprofit management specialist, a resource development consultant and a strong advocate for affordable, accessible and easily available opportunities for our children to be extensively educated, meaningfully engaged and be empowered with the skills they need for their lives.

My passion has always been to inspire and motivate the community for social, civic and health prosperity. My focus in life is to empower families to lead mentally, physically and socially healthier, more successful lives. I currently serve as the executive director of the Canadian Association of Multicultural People (CAMP), a community-based organization she founded in 2007 with an inter-generational focus for both youth and seniors. She is the founder and the lead strategist for this organization. She takes a great interest in capacity-building and bridging the gaps between ethno cultural immigrant groups through the work of this organization. As an immigrant professional in Canada, since 1999 my aim has been on making a difference through impacting many lives in my new homeland through my educational qualification, international experience and positive approach. I have done it through extensive volunteer contributions, my extensive work in social service and in the health promotion field.

After obtaining my Master’s degree in Physiology and Psychology, my biggest achievement is being a working mom creating the much needed balance at home while making a huge impact on other moms like myself. After my Master’s degree, I completed a number of courses and training programs on people management, skill development, leadership coaching, adult education and certified facilitation for youth and seniors. With 16 plus years of experience in the not-for-profit sector, I have served on quite a few boards and continue to do so passionately. I take pride being an excellent mentor for students from high school to university level. During past decade, I have mentored students from Masters in Public Health and health management from Waterloo, 4 Athabasca and Walden University as well as from Sheridan, Seneca, and Humber & Trios College each year for community building, health promotion and Social skill development. Giving back to the community has been an important part of my personal journey as a professional. As the Founder & Executive Director of Canadian Association of Multicultural People, I aimed to build stronger, more meaningful and equitable partnerships between main stream and grass root level community through networking and bridge building. I whole heartedly believe that pulling community resources together, sustaining these partnerships/ networks for awareness and community development is the key to build the capacity of individuals from diverse communities’ especially new immigrants and marginalized families. I take great interest in capacity building and bridging the gaps between the ethno-cultural immigrant groups. I am deeply involved in a lot of interfaith activities at many different community forums.

My Current Engagements:

  • Executive Director, Canadian Association of Multicultural People (CAM)
  • Co-Chair of Interfaith Council of Peel
  • Board of Director for Muslim Council of Peel
  • Founder Empowered Muslim Moms Network
  • Founder & Director of MomLinks Canada
  • Founding Member Parents for Educational Reform
  • Founding Member Muslim Political Engagement Group
  • Member Multifaith Reform Coalition
  • Member South Asian Diversity Council United Way of Peel
  • Founding Member of Mississauga Moms Circle
  • Writer and Consultant at AHI Business Consultants

Past community representations:

  • Member Board of Directors at Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Member Working Women Network for Health
  • Member Board of Directors at MIAG Centre for Diverse families and children
  • Member Board of Directors at Youth Troopers for Global Awareness
  • Member Board of Directors at Village Keepers Child and Family Centre
  • Member Ontario Human Services Network
  • Member Heart and Stroke Foundation Mission Council
  • Member Peel Senior Support Group
  • Member Adult curriculum advisory board
  • Member Health Nexus board of advisers for community resources
  • Member Professional Network of Program Planners for Youth
  • Co-Chair of Heart Health Network of Peel
  • Member Executive Directors Group from Social Planning Council of Peel