Now wait a moment!

So who decides on who being dirty? And who decides if they have the right to live or not?
Apparently, we have lost the answer to these stupid questions and are just happily trumping our way towards human disaster. We see a neighbor killing a neighbor in the name of religious or ethnic hatred and we stay quiet. We see people being bashed on the crime of others and we stay quiet. We see gunman roaming around towns threatening others and we stay quiet. You know why? because these”threats” don’t look or feel real to us……. until or unless something like this happens to us!
Rest in peace Br. Jabara, may Allah does justice to you. May HE gives you eternal peace in heavens with HIS utmost mercy and forgiveness for your innocent killing. This world didn’t need Arabs like you!
You were not a “Muslim Terrorist” so nobody cares about making you a news story.
BTW, your death doesn’t bother our religious leaders as well, you are not even worth a statement because you were not a gay killed by another gay in a bar in Orlando
You are also not worth a story as you don’t give any fuel to Islamophobia savvy media in North America. Your murder will be buried just like Mr and Mrs. Dia awhile ago.
Your murder doesn’t send any surge of shock to anyone as you were not murdered in Paris.
You were not part of Charlie Hebdo either. Nobody will change their facebook status for you.
Nobody will arrange a conference for you to discuss your killer’s radicalization and no Imam will ask for any de radicalization clinics to be offered to “clean patriotic Americans” for killing a “dirty” Arab.
FBI won’t storm your killer’s residence just to find pages of his Holly book or his religious belongings…..and don’t even think about media talking about his connections to KKK or any other terrorist groups…becuase he has killed you….a “dirty Arab”
Americans don’t see “Dirty Arabs” useful until or unless they bring gold, dollars and weapons of mass destruction to the table of deal….you have nothing of that sort to offer to America!