I am a results-driven community professional with over 16 years of community engagement, adult, youth and seniors education, community development and partnership building experience which will be extremely essential to be shared with my peers at the trustee table. With a solid skill base to draw from, my colleagues call me an exemplary leader who has served as an integral part of Management/ specialist teams for curriculum planning, resource management and program planning I have led several child and youth focused campaigns through my work and volunteer experience.

As an agent of change, an effective communicator and facilitator, I have successfully excelled in fast paced and changing work environments and in addition to building and maintaining strong relationships. As your trustee, my strong children and youth coaching and leadership experience in a wide array of charitable and community groups will play a vital role in managing your expectations.

As a strategic thinker, I have been extremely vocal in supporting community partners and consumers on all aspects of education and awareness and have gained experience in a wide 7 array of disciplines including volunteer Development, Training, leadership skill development, health education competency development, diversity, strategic planning, goal setting, Learning and Facilitation, organizational development, Talent Management & event planning. I am sure this extensive advocacy experience will help me bring your needs and voices to the table successfully and effectively.

  • Awarded the Rick Gallop award for Pioneering Innovation and Leadership with the Heart and Stroke Foundation(2010)
  • Associate Success at the International Conference on Breast Cancer (Winnipeg 2008) from Public Health
  • Most Inspirational Mom of the Year from GTA Muslim Moms Group”  Presented at the Ontario Public Health Association 2007 Annual Conference from Public Health.
  • Successfully provided consultation and support to Best Start Ontario resource group as an adviser for diverse clientele.
  • Provided support in capacity building efforts to diverse communities as the project manager for Canadian Association of Multicultural People.
  • Successfully provided leadership support to 3 multicultural collaborative networks region wide for chronic disease prevention and build environment.