Writing about myself brings me to think about how commonly we know ourselves as professionals in the community. I however, would like to tell you about me being a mom first. As a mom, I believe my first and most valuable achievement is to think about, raise and look 2 after my three daughters. Being a Mississauga resident for over a decade, I and my husband always strive hard to empower them with all the skills, opportunities to be successful and also to feel valued.

Working in collaboration, I would like to achieve exactly the same for the kids from your household to achieve the same…..Opportunities to build bridges of greater understanding, safe school environment, equity for all, meaningful educational support, early career support and relevant information sharing learning to build respect for our cultural diversity.

With my over 16 plus years of community service experience as a community developer and community mobilizer for youth and families, I have learned that the best way to go about it is to connect, engage and empower the parents at the grass root level. Parents do have a significant impact on their child’s life, on their career choices, on their psychologically and physical growth and their personality development. We want parents to have advanced skills to impact decisions that matter the most. Parents like you and I. Parents who value their children, parents who want to get involve and parents who are actively engaged. But as your trustee, my strong focus will also on parents who fall between the cracks by building their capacity to be more involved. I am sure we all agree to create a strong link with each other and become helping hands at the system level to make sure our children have the best opportunities today, tomorrow and……the years to come.

In my spare time I enjoy extensive social circle planning, traveling, longer road trips, reading, writing blogs and writing online articles. I like to Camp each summer and love to spend time with family and friends. I started my life in Canada from a small suburb called Stoney Creek and have cherished the love of neighbors and the whole connected feeling.

I am passionate about looking deeper into and finding solutions to community issues being a person of solution oriented approach. Coming from an immigrant background, I do really deeply understand the realities, issues, challenges, barriers and joys among immigrant communities.