I know this because I am a Muslim!

I know how Islam teaches us peacefully submitting to God(Allah), the ONLY God who created us all equally, that one God(Allah) who loves us equally, that One God(Allah) who 99 names other than Allah. HE is most merciful, most beneficient. HE clearly says, that HE has created us from one man and one woman(Adam & Eve) and then diversified us into tribes and nations so we can differentiated from one another. HE wanted to give us with our own identity while we submit to HIM. He is the only ONE God(Allah), the same God all the major faith followers follow and pray to(Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc). HE is the ONE God(Allah), who wants us to be kind to our neighbour, to give charity and to worship only HIM. HE wants us to protect and preserve life and to be polite to each other…………………..

I know times are tough for humanity right now, but our God(Allah) has promised us to bless us with strength, with patience, with perseverance, with wisdom, with love, with guidance and with the best direction……..it’s just the matter of us asking HIM for all that. HIS connection with HIS creation is like a 24/ 7 hotline, always available, always there…….question is do we connect with HIM properly or just stay occupied listening to our inner evil????????????????

Wake up People!

In anticipation of our Islam & the Media conference, we have something to tell you. Watch our video to find out more. #unlearnrelearnchallenge

Posted by The Student Association at Durham College & UOIT on Thursday, February 4, 2016




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