I sometimes wonder, if human lives really matter anymore?

Living in a North American “civilized society”, what makes us more inhumane than killing some innocent young souls just because they belong to a certain religion, or race, or culture, or ethnicity?
If this is the reason of these brutal killings than we should be ashamed of ourselves as educated adults for doing such a pathetic job staying quiet when a Muslim or a Jew or a black(regardless of which faith they are from) youth are murdered. I mean should sky be the limit of this ignorance, really?

We give out Oscars to film makers from third world countries who identify and spread awareness about the “wrong practices” there….in a poor “naive society” as we perceive, but we don’t even think twice spreading the ugly truth on our streets as proud residents of North American Civil society….where there is faith phobia, where black lives don’t matter much and where Muslim lives don’t matter at all…..just because media shows us some images of lunetics killing in whatever name or religion they choose to high jack!

or do we just let them get killed because we are blinded by negative media portrayal of the certain communities? if we stayed quiet watching this as just another news incident with “that would never happen to my child” kina approach, then we should be proclaimed dead already…….we are not alive in literal terms, why? because presence of life requires a beating heart and conscious mind….and if these killings don’t make us have palpitations in our hearts and don’t shake our minds, then that literally means these two organs are not alive anymore, we are not alive anymore……


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