It took me a while as a community activist (who loves writing about issues that matter to all of us) to absorb the shock waves we all received with this issue. This is the kind of reminder for us all to always be on our absolute best as human beings and public figures for our actions.
During this past week, I have been gathering myself to write about this fitnah. I didn’t expect to write anything that has already been said or expressed, didn’t want to write something to resolve the issue. I just wanted to share what I leaned from it personally, hoping it can help us all inshAllah.
Lessons I learned:
1- How something like this can easily shake our hearts and minds, but also learned how turning back to Allah SWT for guidance and solace is so much more important and WORKS!
2- How none of us as human beings are ever immune from making mistakes, but also learned how our people jump into conclusions for public figures without actually waiting for the truth to be revealed and justified as Allah SWT is the best and ONLY JUDGE
3- How things get played around in all their nasty forms when the victom is not a “somebody” against someone big, but also learned to remind myself first and then others that spreading half truth about anyone is a sin that sometimes can never be undone. Waiting and asking Allah to help is the best approach.
4- How our people are so ready to throw filth on each other without understanding the root of the problem that is caused by miscommunication and misinformation, but also learned that this world still have some good people in our community who fear Allah SWT and refrain from spreading lies and rumors.

Lastly, piece of advice to all those parents who are fans of Nouman Ali Khan, please talk to your kids openly about this issue before internet rumors shatter their trust. Tell them:
1- Shaitan (evil) is a thief. Thief never goes to steal anything from a poor house, he only breaks into potential wealthy houses. Eman (faith) is the most precious of all wealth, evil has attacked his noble house and we need to make dua to help him, his family and all effected people through this with Allah’s help and forgiveness.
2- He is a human being who might have made mistakes. He has always spread the truth directly from Quran. Any mistakes do not nullify his message, Islamic teachings or his work. It only means he is as human as we are and has been put through this test.
2- Make dua for him and everyone involved in this issue to be guided, healed, forgiven and brought back to the right path.

May Allah SWT help us all be on the right path and guide us towards the path of paradise with HIS pleasure and acceptance. Ameen.

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