Iqra Khalid, I am so proud of you. Not because you’re a Muslim who standing up to create room for many unheard Canadian voices to be heard through M103. I am proud of you because as a mom of teen girls, I see how my girls have a Canadian role model of courage in you. I can tell my girls that people call politics a dirty game but there are girls like Iqra you can look up to. There’s hope that someday this dirty game will be flipped because of game changers like Iqra. I can tell my girls to get in the field to fix the screwed ones with their perseverance, determination and compassion like Iqra.

I can see how hard it was for you to read all those horrific messages of hate in the Parliament. I can understand how painful it was for you to read/ hear your name memtioned so many times with worst possible labels besides it. I however, can see how composed you were(or presented so) while reading this hate and how determined you sounded even after taking all the heat.

You know what Iqra? I can see how more moms can now be assured that our young people can make a difference with trust and confidence given to them from their parents, families and communities(in your case as our MP)
As parents, we need to do our part by giving the confidence to our girls to teach respect to people with their self trust, dignified approach, competence and values so they brave the storms coming their way
As parents, we need to teach our boys to respect women regardless of the differences.
As community we need to teach the values of love, respect and humanity. Regardless, of our political, religious, ethnic differences, we MUST treat each other with dignity.

As a Muslim Canadian, I can see how it is more important to present the truth of my religion to people of my country. If people have Sharia phobia, then it might mean I am doing a good enough job explaining what Sharia is and how it applies to every aspect of MY LIFE as a Muslim Canadian without effecting anyone around town. If people look at my hijab covered head and get scared of me, then may be I should create opportunities for better exchange of information. If people think Islamophobia mentioned in M103 means suppression of rights, then may be we should all read it well and ask more questions…

Regardless Good luck Iqra…


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