I am pleased to write about my bridge building efforts. I am not a big fan of asking for equality, inclusiveness, tolerance and other such fancy buzz words. I believe in building bridges of understanding. I believe in equity. I believe in sharing love, showing respect in spite all the differencesbetween people based on faith, ethnicity, world views, cultures, values, approaches and languages. I believe human differences make our world beautiful, it’s just the matter of understanding how we define ourselves and how we define others.

I have started several engagement groups on social media, please write to me if you would like to join any of them.

I would like to particularly talk about my Facebook group called “Faithful Engagement for Peace”. This group invite to anyone who would like to engage in a sincere, open minded and respectful conversation with people of other faiths and value systems for the sole purpose of learning about each other and to share the knowledge of your own religious values. Please feel free to join and share this group among your networks so we can all work together (at grassroot level) to bring the human values of love, respects, community engagement and positivity back to our communities.
This group is created for members of faith based communities to come together and build bridges of understanding. We as people who believe in God want HIS presence to be known, acknowledged and respected in our educational system and our policy tables. We believe that God provided guidance to humans and distributed us among tribes/ nations for a reason only HE knows. Our job is to find similarities between us and to avoid focusing on differences. This group provides opportunities for us to share our faith values, our religious beliefs and also knowledge/ information about our respective celebrations.
I have started this group believing that as humans we have more similarities than differences. Our diversity makes us stronger together as long as we engage in conversations with respect, harmony and with a desire to love.No political motives here. Please share information about yppour faith and how it relates to all. Please avoid posting disrespectful views or misleading information.
Objectives :
Interfaith connections
Education on different religious beliefs
Eliminating confusions & misconceptions & fear
Creating an environment of respect and harmony
A group where people understand that religious hatred and ignorance can only cause more damage to our society.
Stronger built relationships through working together for common good as people of faith and values.


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