As a Muslim Canadian, living in the West, I hear a lot about Muslims and their role in the Western societies. Being an integral part of our civic society, being a community activist fully engaged in all fields of community work, I often ponder over the series of answers one might provide to these questions
It seriously makes me roll my eyes when I hear people say Muslims are in the West to destroy it or change the “culture” or bring Sharia law. For the decades Muslims in the West born or naturalized Citizens have contributed so much……Entering the West Muslims had only one intention, making that particular country their home…..they did exactly the same if we look at the stats of crimes committed by Muslims(and without getting caught into bias media propaganda details)……..Thanks to God, Muslims are among the front liners to protect all these countries, practicing their religion while supporting all fields of life, the economy, infrastructure development, politics, medical profession, education, construction, business and all. Muslims make sure to not only call the countries they live home, they actually show it by living there peacefully, by investing there, by spending there, by being part of the Civic process there, by being part of the political process there and most importantly by building their stronger relationships there.

With only a few nut head criminals sabotaging the peaceful societies in the West due to so many reasons and factors involved……..
On the contrary, a close look at Muslim countries where West entered are completely destroyed with thousands of families dead, scattered and or running around the globe as refugees. West entered Muslim countries not for the very same reasons (calling these countries home), instead they entered due to thrust of oil, greed of power, “as allies” or as “peace keepers” to strengthen “democratic process”……then look at the stats again to see how much destruction was caused with these invasions and what is the current situation of ALL the Muslim countries currently……
With only a few of the God fearing people from different walks actually working to build the destroyed parts…..
Mind you not all Muslims come to West as Immigrant and if they do, trust me they are always eager to go back once they find peace back home. They resort ot migrate to West just ot find peace and protections for their families they couldn’t find in their homelands destroyed by either”peacekeepers” or “democratic rights protection slogan bearer”……Have we ever thought about why and how it started? where and when it would stop?

Something to think, talk and speak up about may be?

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Posted by The Blessed Hub on Thursday, February 18, 2016

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