I guess Quebec is about to pass the same. I believe anyone who believes in banning a face veil or anything that a woman chooses for her wardrobe(regardless of their faith). Our women should be free to choose and suppressing their right to chose how to dress is an equivalent of Taliban mentality. I hope our Western politicians remember that this approach has been stigmatized being in “third world countries”, this oppression doesn’t belong to Canada. This clip is old but provides a great argument. If women are not stopped going around town half or fully nude, then why on earth, women being dressed is someone’s problem. I also am sick and tired of the so called feminists trying to “rescue” women, please stop and leave the women alone.I thought women had more rights now than 70 years ago.

“Quebec’s National Assembly is currently debating Bill 62, “An Act to foster adherence to State religious neutrality,” which would prohibit any person with their face covered from working in the public sector or receiving public services, including medical care in public hospitals and clinics. The bill is framed as protecting the government’s ‘religious neutrality,’ but is clearly yet another instance of the rhetoric of secularism disguising discriminatory legislation, in this instance targeting Muslim women who wear the niqab. The Liberals’ vocal opposition to the infamous “Quebec Charter of Values” – which proposed to prohibit public sector employees from wearing “conspicuous religious symbols” – helped them rise to power, yet they are now proposing a measure which is also clearly Islamophobic and racist. Bill 62 must not pass, and we should call it what it is: a bill that targets Muslim women and validates Islamophobic sentiments in Canada and Quebec”

Bill 62 is Islamophobia disguised as secularism

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