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Q: Who is Allah?

A: Allah is simply the Arabic word for God Almighty, the same God worshiped by Christians and Jews. It is the God of Abraham and Moses, not a different God. Christian Arabs also refer to God as Allah. God Almighty has 99 names and Allah is HIS favorite name.
HE is the one who created and sent all messengers to mankind, Abraham peace be upon him, Moses peace be upon him, Jesus peace be upon him, David peace be upon him, Muhammad peace be upon him.
He is the only God who alone has created the entire universe. He is the exalted one, only powerful, He doesn’t have any partners. HE alone controls, owns and operates the entire universe.
HE is the only one worthy of our submission as HIS servant. HE sent all HIS noble messengers to remind us of HIS message, to remind us to be righteous servants and to be on the guided path. HE is the only one who controls life and death. HE will have us taste us death after this life and then assemble/ gather all of us on judgement day to assess our deeds and then will decide our life hereafter(Hell or Heaven) based on HIS judgement on our deeds.

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