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Q: Are Muslim men allowed to hit their wives according to Quran?
A: Islam protects human rights for all and gives women’s rights a whole new level of excellence. Husbands are called “care takers” of their women in Quran and are abide by law to protect, serve, feed and safeguard their women.
Quran the sacred word of God Almighty, does maintain its jurisprudence excellence with its divine logic and context. It just the matter of understanding things right.
Placing things with the right context is extremely important when it comes to quoting Quran and the true teachings. I have a serious problem with people misquoting or sugar quoting the rules of relationship between husband and wife or about a jurisdiction mentioned in Quran. Do people think they can place things better than Allah(God) Almighty? AstaghfiroAllah!
We MUST NOT think about being “politically correct” or make the Ayahs of the Quran look “compatible” with the current “realities.
Instead, we MUST learn Quran with the true meaning and intention of spreading the truth. It’s true guidance and if we understood the true meaning, we would never attempt to defend, offend, or feel the urge to sugar coat it. We need to understand the difference between allowance, acceptance and/ rules to defend a certain command in Quran. Please listen to this excellent clip by Nouman Ali Khan explaining the Ayah from Surah Al Nisa (Chapter: The women) very eloquently. I wish more of our scholars did that.

This Ramadan, as always our people especially women were busy with Dorah Quran (Quran revision). However, we MUST pledge to understand Quran properly. Every Muslim especially parents should be able to understand and explain Quran with context to their children, their families, their friends, their neighbors and their peers. Just one Surah a month, its’doable folks. This alone will minimize if not eliminate the misconception about Islam and Muslims inshAllah. Please don’t wait for next Ramdan for doing so, spread your learning routine during the entire month as we might not be alive to see the next one. Also, if we didn’t resort to this learning, we will not be able to transform our lives into a better shape after Ramadan.
Are you ready to take the pledge at the end of Ramadan?


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