“He said to us, `You did nothing wrong. That’s the way the world is right now,’ ” Faisal Ali said

This will not and I repeat WILL NOT stop until or unless we ALL speak against racial or religious profiling.
We took too long to understand the damaging effects of holocaust. We stayed quiet with this religious profiling because it wasn’t coming to our own house. Thousands of Jews had to sacrifice their lives before we put our heads together to have antisemitic laws in place…...the world was thousands loss of lives too late…
Then here at home most recently, we stayed quiet against the injustice caused to aboriginals because it wasn’t coming to our house. Native children, women and their families paid a heavy price of our closed eye approach

Then here again in WW2, we stayed quiet when our own elected officials placed Japanese Canadians in concentration camps without any crimes…..we stayed quiet because it wasn’t coming to our houses

We for the entire time closed our eyes about the slavery and cruel colonization of black community. We are still loosing black lives everyday due to racial profiling and a lot of us are still cozy on couches as its not coming to our own houses.

The question is, who are we waiting for to be the next?
If the answer is yes, then we can choose between staying quiet and waiting for our turn of the community or religion
and help stop this madness right here!


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