Condemn this at all levels!

Wake up People!

Denouncing hate and ignorance is ignorance is crucial at this point in time….more than ever before….
Sticking together and speaking up against the hate, in all honesty folks, is our only chance to survive

The best part of being in Canada is the beauty of our multicultural society. A society that has evolved and literally is comprised of diverse set of values, cultures and faiths. We all need to understand and strongly spread the word about the dire need of engaging with each other at human level. To know that our differences should be seen as beautiful learning opportunities, chances of interactive discussions and not the mere reasons to divide us.
We must respect, engage and interact with people of very different world views and lifestyles, and let for many others to see ours..
As a Muslim Canadian, I have experienced myself often becoming the single point of reference for my peers, colleagues, neighbors folks, which allows me to share insights, build bridges with folks that otherwise may not have been interested in these kind of narratives….
It also does allow me to initiate meaningful and mutually respectful conversations and always push for meaningful relationship building with folks that see things differently then us….
I have Sikhs, Christian, Jewish, Atheist friends and fellow community activists as my friends and partners in the community and I have no problem standing up for anyone as an obligation to speak against in justice

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