Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I am starting this monthly helping neighbors food drive. Each month, we will collect your generous donations of food or money to deliver hot meals or dry food to our shelters.
You can help in three ways:
– Join our team and become our captain of collecting non perishable food items from neighborhood
– Donate money through Email to:
so we can buy food.
– Drop us non perishable food items(with long expiry dates checked)
We will serving different shelters each month and will advertise our designated delivery each month.
Please contact our team members for donations or more details:
Anila Ahmed Hina Zia Faiza Syed Fariha Asif Suhale Siddiki
Or email:
Our first drop off location will be on November 20th Sunday noon at Meadowvale Village Hall at 6970 2nd Line West Mississauga
Our second drop off location: same place on December 4th at noon.

We will collect donations till November 30th.

If you look at our event picture, it will shake your heart as bad as it mine.
Each day we enjoy the bounties of God Almighty without knowing how many kids go to bed hungry or run in to health challenges due to lack of food.
I am sure we all want to help these kids by helping our local shelters, food banks and soup kitchen.

Let’s show some neighborly love TOGETHER!

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