As one big human family, we all are inspired with messages of love, humanity and hope. We share these messages, click like on them and congratulate each other for sharing good values. However, it apparently is not enough. We don’t always see the human dynamics at play when it comes to showing good examples. We do engage with each other daily but we don’t always share examples of those lovely encounters and this is exactly why evil gets an easy chance to sneak in ….to divide the human race and to place them against each other.
Let’s all understand the evil trickers among us, denounce ignorance and spread stories of love, respect and living experiences of our fellow human beings.

Not too long ago, people thought Trump’so presindency was funny…lesson learned….never under estimate the power of facist approach or should I say mobilization based on sentiments ?

It’s time to wake up for Canadians too!

The racist, ruthless, divisive, approach from people like Trump, Harper and many other politicians today (who play with human emotions) has the deadliest form of cancer we are encountering today. This disease is spreading and engulfing our society with the popular Hitler(tried and tested) tactics. We are all part of this spread for so many reasons:
– Majority of us don’t find the time to connect and engage as human beings as the powerful brainwashing media has surrounded our common sense
– We have alarmingly reduced levels of connections with each other at a “human only” level. During and after work, we watch TV or social media and form opinions about each other
– We are not reaching out and building human relationships by engaging in non bias conversations with our neighbours, colleagues and peers.
– We work in our own silos or comfort zones. We only reach out outside of our circles with political motives mostly.
– As soon as we hear something/ someone different than us, default systems in us signals “red alert, we are not shutting this alarm system down
– We have stopped genuinely honestly worrying about our future generations & their human engagement when we’ll be wiped out of this world

Trust me if we continued like this as a society…..I don’t know what’s in store for us after the previous and present time facists, money hungry corporations and blood sucking war mongering machinaries….

Wake up People!

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