This is not the Canadian Way!

Well, I believe this is such a bad example of disrespecting our PM elected by “strategic voting”….it should never happen. Politicians and elected officials should always always be called out for their promises.

Her phrase that accompanied with “Deadly” pumpkin seeds is more worrisome than the seeds though.

PM Trudaeu was elected due to a scare fare Canadians had due to Harper. He was not elected because he had more experience, more community service, more qualifications than other politicians. People who voted for him, voted him in with hopes, with the name of his father, with the blinded party loyalty in their minds, to get rid of Harper’s divisive political trend and most importantly with the promises of “Real Change”…..regardless of what the list of promises and factors were for each voter, the two thing changed since last year are:
– Removal of Harprites
– New trend of showcasing our PM as a celebrity
Do I like our new PM and his looks being popular more than Tom Cruise?
Yes I like him. I think he’s young, ambitious, intelligent, inclusive and hopefully with a bit of out of the box thinking
Am I happy at the 1st anniversary as a Canadian?
Absolutely not. I don’t see any “real change” at all. I see same Bill Clinton 51 and C 24 in place, I see conflicted pipelines still in the works, I see no electoral reform, I see no change in the foreign policy, no change for our indigenous folks and absolutely nothing to boost economy…..
I think PM Justin Trudeau should open his eyes with this incident to understand that even with the majority Government, he is still accountable to Canadians for his election promises. He now needs to remember that his time as a Liberal candidate is over. He is the PM of Canada!
And We ALL have a solid role to play. Write to your MPs with your concerns about whatever change you voted him for…..
Throwing pumpkin seeds at the PM only victimizes and disrespect him. Don’t do that……
please use civilized ways to protest and question Canada!

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