As human beings, we all come in different shades, shapes, sizes, creeds and races. Our diversity doesn’t make us any superiors or inferiors from each other. It simply means our Creator has created us beautifully different for a reason we can’t even imagine to fully understand. We MUST learn to understand, acknowledge, cherish and appreciate that reason no matter how far fetched it gets for us.
We don’t know each other and are scared of each other. We are scared of each other because we don’t engage at human level. We title each other based on color, creed, color, faith, ethnicity and God know what else but human beings. We use our titles and stay cozy in our own comfort zones. Each day, after working hard at so many fronts (family, work, community, professional associations, social and civic engagements etc) we are tired end of the day. So we only hear media to close off our day….and form opinions about each other. We don’t have the energy, understanding, desire or care for the purpose to knowing our neighbors, peers, colleagues and even friends beyond a certain level. We sometimes simply blindly ignore the need doing so.
Sometimes, I wish we all acted like politicians do during election time (and a bit after in some cases), they connect with everyone (some career politicians do it for the sake of building their profile, to gain votes next time or just for photo ops) but the genuine few do it to serve everybody equally, to be everyone’s voice and most importantly to represent everyone with informed choices. Regardless, we need to humanize ourselves to eliminate the dehumanization of our society. We need to engage with each other for the sake of it.
Have you ever wondered what’s the origin of your massage therapist, or your dental hygienist or your doctor’s office receptionist or your doctor themselves? do we care knowing more about the shoe polish person sitting a the busy airport lobby we pass almost twice a week? do we know how many children the lady has at Timis drive through? do we actually ask question to an elderly person working a labor job in our neighborhood about their circumstances? No we don’t….we think and act like machines serving each other. We think and act like robots or may be zombies passing by each other with our eyes dug deeper in our hand held devices…….sigh…………….can we change it? Yes we can!
Will we start?????????

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