Dear Canadians,
This is a much needed campaign to raise awareness and shake some dust from the persecution of Kashmiris by Indian Armed forces. We MUST speak up and raise awareness about it. But that’s not it, we MUST make sure that we ask questions to our elected officials. Canadians, have always spoken for human rights and against injustice, we ask our Government to reach out to Indian Government asking questions. It needs to stop, it’s genocide. Please write to your MP today to ask what is Canadian Government doing to stop this serious violations of human rights?
Find your MP from the link below by inserting your postal code:
The report found that nearly 1.8 million adults – 45 percent of Kashmir’s adult population – suffer from some form of mental distress. A majority – 93 percent – have experienced conflict-related trauma. An average adult was found to have witnessed around eight traumatic events during his or her lifetime. More than 70 percent of adults have experienced or witnessed the sudden or violent death of someone they knew.
Sample Letter:
Kashmir Genocide letter to MP

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