Dear Friends, I am writing here to clarify that I am not in competition with any person, any group or any community. I am on my own personal journey towards excellence with Allah’s will and acceptance. I am completely confident in my identity as a Muslim Canadian who believes in making this world a better place not only for us today but for the generations tomorrow!

As a community mobilizer, I am seriously in the business of community empowerment through educated engagement, skill sharing and knowledge exchange. I rely on credible resources and competent people to share their learning with me so I can further facilitate the exchange. My educational background and my almost two decade long experience leads my way towards service excellence and community building.

As a social and community activist, I have been trying my best since past two decades to connect the community by writing thought provoking posts, blogs, articles and by sharing knowledgeable posts by others. My personal strength is family and relationships advice, Islamic teachings on family connection, parenting for girls and most importantly educational reform questions that offer authentic advice on. I am a youth mentor and have been in the serious business of youth empowerment for over 5 years now.

As a woman, I believe in woken empowerment through education, engagement and consistent skill development. My aim in this world is to build bridges of understanding to eliminate misconceptions, hate, ignorance and division. I do that by spreading the true peaceful message of Islam in particular and by eliminating the faith phobias in general. I am neither a scholar, nor am I in the business of proselytizing; instead I want to build the bridges of broader understanding through sharing knowledge & through mutual learning.

As a mom, My main projects in life are my kids to make sure I leave them in this world as truly positive contributors to the society and very responsible citizens.

If you would like to join my efforts, check my facebook page or follow me on Twitter. https://www.facebook.com/FarinaSiddiquiToEmpower/

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