Want to have an idea who created DAESH (ISIS)?
Then listen to this clip. I have been completely convinced that DAESH (ISIS) is neither is Islamic nor they are a state of any sort. They’re a bunch of twisted minded criminals from different ethnicities. They are not Muslims only, they are from everywhere. Misguided, abandoned, disenfranchised people who are trained by CIA to high jack the Muslim identity so people’s negative impulse and attention can be derived towards the Muslims around the globe. Muslims, the single largest victimized community in Burma, India, Palestine, Africa, Afghanistan, Kashmir and obviously in the West now. West has been a place where Muslims have been breathing in peace but the US thirst for power and oil needed to place their guns on someone’s shoulder to create fear, hate and ignorance. …Here we are!
Please, get to know your history and most importantly your Muslim neighbor, peer, colleague before even thinking to associate them with DAESH……because this is not who Muslims are really!

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