I guess, the laws defined in Quran are pretty solid and sufficient for us. For the family crises situations in Muslim families, there is no need for Canadian law makers to intervene; (let alone talk about Sharia law, which is already a phobia for so many North Americans) the need is to educate Muslim husbands and wives about their limits, their rights and responsibilities. We MUST not forget that Islam through it’s strong legislative framework given by Allah provides solutions for all communal, societal and family issues. It’s just the matter of understanding and adopting the structure. Our respected Dr. Mohammad Alnadvi rightfully said, “Islam provides solutions against crimes”. All the violations of spousal rights are protected under the same laws of marriage, nuptial agreements and so much more at the time of Nikkah based on Quran, but criminals protect themselves by hijacking the laws. Husbands should understand their responsibilities assigned as per their role and should also understand that the legal right of divorce is not given to them as a tool to control, manipulate, destroy or black mail the freedom of their wives. Their one level up status described in Quran as ” Qawwamoon(care taker)” doesn’t give them an automatic right to be respected until or unless they earn it by being responsible for the protection of emotional, physical and mental needs of their wives but also does include safety and security of their entire clan (wives and children) inside and outside their household. It also includes the provision of decent means of living, their role as a care taker, their role as a law maker in the house, their role as an adviser to their wives for home affairs, their role as a provider of all the necessities of the lives including protection of rights, civil engagement and work(if the wife decides so) along with the rights of woman claimed divorce (Khula), their rights to choose in every aspect. Wives should also understand that their rights come with responsibilities of protection of their modesty, honesty, transparency and obedience to their husbands while staying true to their own selves. They should never forget that if Allah SWT has given a level up right to their husbands, there is wisdom, reason and strength behind it. The simple solution, don’t challenge their rights and position. Accept it without the idiotic feminist approach. Simple facts, husbands and wives are at equal staus but husbands are given one level. Equality is with rights, responsibility, sharing of tasks, sharing of freedom and so much more. No question about Taqwa (piety) being an equal state either. However, problem starts, when both spouse forget their responsibilities towards each other and start barging into each others freedoms, breaching each other’s rights. Problem seldom is created from one side. We should always look at both sides of the problems. I know a lot of Muslims wives in Canada who try to supersede the rights and freedom part just because they are living in Canada. No issues with that. However, problem starts, when people try to walk over each other over righting God given rights and freedom

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