“Mayors do not have the right to ban the burkinis “, French court says

This truly shows the power of people. …..united voices of people!

Unfortunately, today the followers of any faith are called extremists just because they cover up while nudity is considered natural and is called “normal”….we are living in a different world now when prior abnormal things are considered normal and prior noble things are considered naive. We see full or half naked men and women marching in rallies on Toronto streets and around the globe with parents attending with kids in the name of solidarity and pride…no law applies apparently…. we see posters, ads, vulgar music portraying human beings as mere sex objects and we say music’s the “food for soul”…..again no limits…..we see our youth and adults addicted to porn with our law enforcement agencies struggling to catch the perpretraters…we don’t take heed….and then complain about broken family structures….again no limits….

I am not the one asking any woman to select their wardrobe based on what I or someone else likes but it still disturbs going out with half or full naked women on bilboards, product packaging etc. ….just to support the multimillion dollar businessses around the globe. In today’s faith phobic world, we have confused our cultures with values and vice versa….

The irony is, we now are in a much less confused state than our kids will be 10 years from now……NOW is the time to stop this as when our generation wipes out of thie world, the only end will be judgement day….

Wake up people!


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