Regardless of the party, this like many other examples clearly proves that we CAN NEVER trust politicians. I have seen politicians elected on ethnic votes and flipping right after winning. At least, PB is consistent with his flip show to parents. Our support has been for his voice and stand against Sex-Ed Curriculum but immediately figured how he swung right after winning his leadership race for PC. Now once again, we saw his consistent behavior, and sure will remember this in next provincial elections.

Parents, regardless of what party you support provincially, please remember that politicians are either socially or politically conservative. Politicians are either genuinely or politically religious. Politicians are never genuinely honest to their voters…..and if they are they get kicked out of their party and even their community circles..

Parents like us, who speak against the breech of parental rights, pro family, pro values, pro ethics in society, schools and community are considered naive and receive backlash from our own respective community and “religious” circles. We are told, how it’s not “politically correct to call spade a spade, to speak up against nudity, to speak against wrong conduct and imbalanced political photo op fiesta of our religious leaders…………and more importantly we receive backlash from people with pay rolls from political offices or Ministers…..Do we care? Not really!It gives us a new surge of energy when we see we are not alone as there are thousands of parents from different communities who care and value the same values for our children. Who care our family and about strengthening the family as a sacred institution.

Would you consider speaking up and remember this while using your voting power during election time?
Would you ask tough questions to your candidate?
Would you consider being more engaged in the political process to influence the decision making for your family?

I know I will!…/…/patrick-brown-sex-ed-mistake-1.3740469

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