As the sun went down with the last shade of 2015 in its rays, I found myself out of town and disconnected from my home for a few days. However, it reminded me what a year it was for me and all Canadians.
From rejuvenating the community mobilization after my election campaign in November 2014, I got even more involved in Civic and political engagement at the grassroots level. The 3000 plus stamps of trust I had received in the form of your votes gave me not only an energy boost but also motivated me to work harder especially on political and civic engagement of mothers.That truly was a new journey I took on in 2015 and thanks to all the respect and love I received from family, friends and supporters like you.
Other than civic engagement, with your support and needs assessment , I was able to start our MLC YouTube channel , run for moms led by moms. It was again a huge component of passion for women empowerment I have. Amazing experience. Thanks for all the support.
Then when curriculum released, running a huge campaign under the coalition of concerned parents, brought me even closer not only to the root cause of the problem but also to thousands of parents across the province. I realized that the curriculum is just the tip of the iceberg. Actually issues that needed educational reform are much larger than the curriculum and I got even more determined to bring that revival by empowering our parents across the board.
During the most recent federal electins, I did run a strong civic engagement campaign as part of many platforms and we actually took matters in our own hands. ….by voting out people who didn’t represent core values of our country. All the Niqab issues, bans, hate mongering and ignorance actually made me even more determined as a Muslim Canadian to work with impact on lives of all Canadians.
I am privileged to make some amazing new friends and blessed with the support from thousands of new people we got connected with.

Thanks for all the support you all provided with whatever I did to make people’s lives a little better and to have our voices heard.

So here we are, the first morning of brand new year, no resolution at my end however, a question for all………. are you ready to make 2016 a better year than 2015 Together???????

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