My passion has always been and will always be to engage, inspire and empower the community for social and health prosperity and I believe parental involvement for achieving that empowerment level is absolutely essential. As a passionate parent, my aim will also be to empower students from immigrant and low income families to have socially, mentally and physically healthy educational experience and lead more successful lives.

  • Parental Involvement & their capacity building
  • Special focus on mental health issues among children and youth
  • Revival of family values with cultural competency Development for school staff & management
  • Age appropriate learning & information sharing approach during elementary years
  • Community engagement at all levels of stakeholders.
  • I am advocating for policies developed/ revised to enable integration and cultural competency development of school staff, parents and all involved in our children’s education.

Against Curriculum

Hundreds of parents kept their children out of school yesterday to protest the new health and phys ed curriculum. Matt Galloway spoke with Farina Siddiqui. She is a mother of three, who has decided to home-school two of her children.
Listen audio (runs 11:05)


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